Where can I get this new formula?

Thanks for asking – but we don’t have it yet. While we are producing, scaling and optimizing production of the key proteins, we also need to work with the FDA to ensure regulatory compliance. This is expected to take several years.

Is this a new process?

Although the purpose is new, the technique of inserting a gene into a specific fungi is well-known. In fact, this is how life-saving human insulin has been produced for the past thirty years.

So you use yeast?

Yeast is a single-cell fungi. We are working with yeast and a different filamentous fungi, Aspergillus, for its immense potential in scaling. Our yeast, and Aspergillus are also Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

How many proteins?

At this point we have confirmed our first 14 proteins. Our choices are based on the bioactivity and concentration of the proteins in human breastmilk.

What about the other components of formula?

There are other companies pursuing the goal of producing infant formula components. These companies focus on human milk oligosaccharides and fats, specifically, DHA and ARA.  We are fostering relationships with these companies to co-create a comprehensive human breast milk formula.

where do I find more about the studies on formula vS. breastmilk?

There's plenty around - here's some reading to start with.