Which proteins are we working on?

Our product is based on the primary proteins in the human whey fraction of breast milk.  

These proteins include alpha-lactalbumin, osteopontin, and lysozyme C.

  •  Alpha-lactalbumin makes up 25% - 35% of mothers’ milk, especially in colostrum. It is rich in amino acids that babies need to grow and develop. 
  • Osteopontin helps build bones and strengthens the immune system. 
  • Lysozyme C helps to fight infection in newborns.

We have identified a total of 14 proteins that will make up our final infant formula.

While these proteins do exist in cow’s milk, they are not the same as the human forms nor are they present in the correct proportions to provide the healthiest outcomes for infants.

Our process uses the same techniques that are used to produce many foods and medicines. Insulin for diabetics has been produced this way for three decades.

Pre-term infants

Babies less than 1.5kg need extra protein to grow, compared to fullterm babies. This protein is best coming from human milk - Babies given cow-milk based formulas have higher rates of infection and the potentially fatal necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

IN the US, more neonatal units are now feeding milk from moms to the preemie babies. Still, only one-third of these units give human milk to most infants. There’s a real shortage of donor milk.

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